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Green & Blue Bouquets

Green & Blue Bouquets Image
Green and Blue? Don’t be deceived by these two cool colours. Unique green or blue bouquets will stand up in the crowd. Understated grace and charm of these flower arrangements are timeless. Like the ice cubes melt on the hot body these cool flowers will melt cold heart in a jiffy. Cherish them, treasure the moment and be grateful for the great advice :)
Flower delivery in Toronto and GTA. Enjoy mobile (yes, you can buy these posh flowers from your iPhone, Z10 BlackBerry, Galaxy, Lumia or iPad :) and online flower shopping with Toronto cool local florist. If you need any help please call our Toronto flower shop. And if you like our website spread the word, share the beauty with your friends; they will thank you, we will love you :)
Green & Blue Bouquets
Cool Bouquet of Green Mini Mums Image

Cool Bouquet of Green Mini Mums
Modern, cool bouquet of green mini mums in a cube glass vase

Elegant Bouquet of Green Hydrangeas Image

Elegant Bouquet of Green Hydrangeas
Elegant bouquet of green hydrangea, white roses orange lilies red hypericum

Romantic Scented Lavender Image

Romantic Scented Lavender
Romantic, scented dried lavender bouquet in metal container

Hand Tied Blue Delphinium Bouquet Image

Hand Tied Blue Delphinium Bouquet
Modern chic hand tied bouquet of blue delphiniums Gift wrapped no container

Chic Small Spring Bouquet Image

Chic Small Spring Bouquet
Chic small spring bouquet of white roses, white lilacs and blue agapanthus

Contemporary Green Bouquet Image

Contemporary Green Bouquet
Bouquet of exotic green cymbidium orchids & mums, white roses & hypericum