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Mauve & Purple Bouquets

Mauve & Purple Bouquets Image
Mauve and purple bouquets are not for all tastes, but if she is into it, she would love you for getting them for her. Scented lilacs or hyacinths, elegant hydrangeas or roses, unique trachyllium or lisianthus are definitely not your corner store standards, and that is a good thing, very good thing, who the hell wants to be ordinary and uninspiring? Aren’t you glad you have found us? Yes, we are good and we know it, enough said :) Enjoy the shopping, enjoy the flowers and enjoy the bliss they will bring.
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Mauve & Purple Bouquets
Graceful Mauve Roses Image

Graceful Mauve Roses
Graceful bouquet of mauve roses, green & white hydrangeas in a globe vase

Bouquet of Mauve Roses Image

Bouquet of Mauve Roses
Groovy bouquet of mauve roses, green hydrangeas and green mini mums

Mauve Gerberas Image

Mauve Gerberas
Classic gerbera bouquet with our twist and shout approach; white ranunculus

Bouquet of Purple Orchids Image

Bouquet of Purple Orchids
Bouquet of white roses & gerberas, chartreuse lisianthus and purple orchids

Bohemian Bouquet Image

Bohemian Bouquet
Bouquet of orange roses, white ranunculus, green mums & purple hyacinths

Mauve Overload Bouquet Image

Mauve Overload Bouquet
Bouquet of mauve and pink roses, mauve hydrangeas and burgundy orchids