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Hydrangea & Peony Bouquets

Hydrangea & Peony Bouquets Image
Peonies are most probably one of the most seek flowers by our customer. Beautiful, scented and alluring peony bouquets are still seasonal, but quite possible this is why we crave for them so badly; thankfully they appear now more than once a year. It is a small world after all; there is June somewhere out there almost right now, I guess... Still nothing beats peonies cut from my own garden... Hydrangeas on the other hand are almost year round residents of our walk in cooler, who would thought it was possible just a few years back? Be careful with hydrangea bouquets. There are plenty of people who love them but there are a few Madonnas who “loathe them”. Double check before you order them to which group your loved one belongs.
Flower delivery in Toronto and GTA. If you need any help call our floral studio.
Hydrangea & Peony Bouquets
Graceful Peony Bouquet Image

Graceful Peony Bouquet
Pink garden peonies mixed with yellow foxgloves, silver lamb's ears & mums

Large White Hydrangeas Bouquet Image

Large White Hydrangeas Bouquet
Classical large bouquet of white hydrangeas with seasonal white flowers

Hydrangea Arrangement Image

Hydrangea Arrangement
Happy fall bouquet of green hydrangeas, orange roses and white lisianthus

Bouquet of Green Hydrangeas Image

Bouquet of Green Hydrangeas
Bouquet of green hydrangeas, yellow roses, white lisianthus, white orchids

Summer Peony Arrangement Image

Summer Peony Arrangement
Garden bouquet of peonies mixed with garden poppies, lady’s mantles & mums

White Peony Bouquet Image

White Peony Bouquet
Stunning bouquet of white peonies and chartreuse roses in a cube vase