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Lisianthus & Amaryllis Posies

Lisianthus & Amaryllis Posies Image
Nothing beats amaryllis when we start talking Christmas. It is gorgeous. Traditional red, royal purple, pristine white, romantic peach or chic green amaryllis bouquets are flying off our shelves during this festive season. And you thought that only Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer fly at this time of the year... If there is yin there must be also yang; mundane lisianthus is total opposite to flashy amaryllis and it is always available when we need it. Performs to perfection and you don’t have to be recent Lotto winner to afford it.
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Lisianthus & Amaryllis Posies
Festive Fall Amaryllis Image

Festive Fall Amaryllis
Fall bouquet of white roses & hydrangeas, pink amaryllis & green hydrangeas

Pastel Fall Lisianthus Image

Pastel Fall Lisianthus
Pastel fall bouquet of white roses, blush blue hydrangeas & pink lisianthus

Pastel Spring Lisianthus Bouquet Image

Pastel Spring Lisianthus Bouquet
Bouquet of lovely blush cream roses scented pink hyacinths white lisianthus

Purple Lisianthus Bouquet Image

Purple Lisianthus Bouquet
Bouquet of pink & white roses purple lisianthus green trachelium & arabicum

Red Amaryllis Arrangement Image

Red Amaryllis Arrangement
Bouquet of red amaryllis, white roses and green cymbidium orchids

Large Red Amaryllis Bouquet Image

Large Red Amaryllis Bouquet
Modern, chic large bouquet of red amaryllis